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Oleumtech Transmitter Battery Pack, Oleumtech BP3, Oleumtech SX1000-BP3


Metroplex Battery

  • $ 7250

MB1000-X Transmitter Battery Pack 3.6V

The MB1000-X is composed of (2) 3.6V lithium thionyl (Li-SOC12) batteries wired in parallel. With typical applications in automation equipment for the Oil and Gas industry, the MB1000-X is ruggedly designed to ensure it can handle any demands placed before it.

CSA attestation ensures that you are receiving a product that meets all major safety and regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind for use in high-pressure applications.

The MB1000-X is a perfect replacement for the Oleumtech BP3 transmitter battery pack, previously known as the Oleumtech SX1000-BP3 transmitter battery.